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STRAIGHTFORWARD Methods, founded in 2006, packages best practice Microsoft Office® based template tools that are affordable; easy to use; and designed to significantly enhance individual and group productivity.

Our flagship product, StraightForward Tools for Product Management and Marketing, provides a comprehensive set of templates to streamline high tech product launch and product lifecycle management.

These tools are based on over 15 years of experience successfully bringing industry leading products to the market. Our goal is to continue to work with veterans in the field of high tech marketing to expand our portfolio of StraightForward productivity tools.

Join the hundreds of PM and PMM Professionals that are benefiting from this practical toolkit

Our StraightForward Philosophy

Our reputation means everything to us. Unlike most all other sites that supply assistance to the IT industry, we have no hidden agenda, and we really are truly vendor neutral. On this site:

- We have no paid click through arrangements and receive no compensation from any other organization or site.

- We do not 'front' or supply paid-for recommendations for any third party products or services

- Our products are as they appear: there are no come-ons, our pricing is dead simple and our software products will not annoy you with pop-ups asking for upgrades.

- We never release, sell or otherwise disclose any customer contact information with any other company for any reason. We do not even supply anonymous quantified characterizations of our customers or visitors to anyone.

- We are driven by our sincere desire to help individuals with the thorny problems of developing and delivering products and services more effectively to their customers.

CEO/Co-Founder Daniele Chenal's expertise spans Business Process Management (BPM), Software Development Lifecycle Management (SDLC), Product Management and Marketing.

Her career includes executive positions as COO at QAVantage, VP of Product Management at Handysoft,  Sr. Director of Sales Engineering at OneSoft, Director of ECommece/Financial Services Markets at Compaq Computers and at Hewlett Packard.

Daniele is well known as a highly skilled 'Fixer' and project turn-around artist. She is highly regarded for her ability to quickly get organizations with divergent interests (end users, technologists, business managers, and executives) communicating, organized, focused and working collectively to solve the problems of complex software development, marketing and deployment.

Daniele’s areas of expertise include Business Analysis, Project Management, Program Management, Product Management and Product Marketing.  With over a decade of experience at a BPM software vendor (Handysoft), co-founding and running a software company specializing in SDLC (QAVantage), Daniele has helped clients in Healthcare, Higher Education, Manufacturing and various Service Providers. Many of the project and program management tools she developed and used in these and many other projects have been incorporated into the Straightforward Tools BPM and PMM toolkits.

Daniele has studied IT Benchmarking and Computer Science in Stanford University programs and is a member of IIBA and PDMA.

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