StraightForward Resources

Oh yes. We have been there!

If you are a Product Manager or Product Marketing Manager, you probably are:

  • Overworked and underpaid, or so new to the position that you don’t realize this yet.
  • Ferociously supported by your Management Team in every way (except budgetarily).

In sympathy, we offer the links below. We like to keep this list uncluttered and limited to the essentials. (Its's the StraightForward.Philosophy)  We also want our list to be as vendor neutral and 'truthy' as possible. Try as we do, we still need this Disclaimer.

Product Management Resources

Need to conceptualize and mock-up? These tools can help:

Mockingbird - Quickly throw together a wireframe mockup of your web site. Nice UI object library.


Your wireframe looks like a very nice sketch- and therefore keeps everyone focused on the bigger picture rather than diving into fine details that often just get you wrapped around the axle.

Paper Prototyping: The Fast and Easy Way to Design and Refine User Interfaces

And if you think making prototypes on paper is oldschool, think again. A thorough discussion about UI design and how to do it very well indeed, sans electricity.

Product Management Associations









Product Marketing Resources

Need to gather feedback from customers, prospects, others? Check these out:


Zoomerang - For surveys that are quick to compose and are integrated into your standard marketing vehicles. We've have had a lot of success with this tool and highly recommend it. There's even free version for simple surveys.


If you are looking for a enterprise level survey tool set that can be customized for you and integrated into your sales and engineering data collection functions, check out this product from WorldAPP.


If you are looking for a broad system that includes functions like text and sentiment analytics, full dashboards and high quality graphics and report distribution, look into WebSurveyor by Vovici.


Some former Product Managers at Google have developed Optimizely, a really great way to AB test your page performance. Let the real world be the judge instead of the HiPPo (Highest Paid Person's Opinion).


Great video from SEOmoz on product marketing strategies for testing new product ideas


Also from SEOmoz, an excellent Report on Search Ranking Factors that lays out a ranked list of what you should consider for improving search optimization for your product.


10 Tips for Managing a Beta Program, includes a Beta Program Agreement

Product Management and Marketing, Roles and Responsibilities, includes job descriptions

Guide and templates for producing an HTML based Sales Guide


Positioning, by Al Ries, Jack Trout

The Discipline of Market Leaders, by Micheal Treacy, Fred Wiersema

Product Strategy for High Technology Companies (Hardcover) ,by Michael E. McGrath

The Market Driven Organization, by George Day

Extreme Competition: Innovation And the Great 21st Century Business Reformation, by Peter Fingar

Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne