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STRAIGHTFORWARD Tools Version 4.0, provides you with more than just document templates, we provide many comprehensive planning and analysis tools that are proven to deliver results.

  • Improve feature prioritization, roadmap planning and cost analysis
  • Improve competitive analysis, product positioning and messaging
  • Improve lead generation and lead to sale tracking  
  • Develop comprehensive business cases and go-to-market plans
  • Save time and enhance the quality of your deliverables
  • Improve SEO optimization and paid search

ALL of these tools are INCLUDED!

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Product Management and Marketing Toolkit

StraightForward Tools  Version 4.0

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Toolkit Alone

(Includes embedded text based instructions


Toolkit with Access to Online Tutorial and Best Practice Videos


Stay Organized

  • Templates are organized by phase
  • Easily access templates via desktop browser
  • Modify document headers and footers easily

Phase 1: Business Planning/Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis Tool(Excel)
  • Cost and Profitability Analysis Tool(Excel)
  • Messaging and Positioning Guide(Word)
  • PR and Media Planning and Tracking (Excel)
  • Marketing Program Planning & Tracking(Excel)
  • Business Case and Go-To-Market Plan (Word)

Phase 2: Product Planning/Management

  • Feature LOE and Cost Analysis(Excel)
  • Product Requirements (Word)
  • Engineering Change Request (Word)
  • Beta Schedule Planning and Management
  • Feature/Benefits Guide (Word)
  • Roadmap Communications (PowerPoint
  • Product Launch Plan (Excel)

Phase 3: Marketing and Sales Collateral

  • Opportunity Qualification Sheet(Word)
  • Case Study(Word)
  • Brochure(Word)
  • Technical Data Sheet(Word)
  • Sales Presentation Outline (PowerPoint)
  • SEO and Social Marketing Plan
  • Press Release - Product Specific(Word)
  • Press Release - Customer Specific(Word)
  • General Availability Announcement(Word)
  • Customer Proposal/Quote(Word)
  • Facts and FAQs
  • Trade Show Logistics (Excel)
  • Win/Loss Report(Word)

Compatible with Windows XP or later and Office 2003 or higher.

MacIntosh Version available- please request via e-mail to:

Standard Contracts/Agreements

  • Beta Program Agreement (Word)
  • Master Software License Agreement (Word)
  • Click-Wrap End-User Agreement (RTF)
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement